If I were to tell you one basic thing to help you feel better and be healthier, it would be to increase your water intake! I know it seems simple and yet for many of my patients, it is often the hardest thing to get into the habit of doing. Let’s face it, in a society where we have so many options for decadence and delicious liquids, water can be boring. To spice up your water, in order to drink more, add herbs or fruit or both! Drink from a straw! Carry a water bottle with you always! It really is such a powerful and easy thing to help nourish your body. You will notice that drinking more water helps with your energy, skin, immune function, memory, body pains and so much more.

Here’s some yummy ways to add some flare to your water:

1. Get a large pitcher (or two or three) and a device to muddle with.

2. Pick your favorite flavor combination…oranges + limes + lemons or limes + raspberries or mint + pineapple or sage + blackberries or rosemary + watermelon or whatever else you can dream up!

3. Add about 2 Cups of fruit to the pitcher and muddle to release some of the juices from the fruit.

4. Fill with desired amount of ice cubes.

5. Fill water to the top and refrigerate and enjoy as often as you want!



The Every Day Basics–HYDRATION!