What is Naturopathic Medicine and a Naturopathic Physician?

Naturopathic Medicine is the medicine of the past, present and future. It focuses on the prevention of disease, while treating the whole person through a variety of treatment modalities that help to support the overall system, so that the body’s innate ability to heal itself is enhanced. A Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.) is a primary care physician who is extensively educated in traditional and alternative medicine.

Why should I see an N.D.? 

Your health is one of the most important aspects of your life! Dr. VanVoorhis takes time to build a lasting and trusting relationship to help facilitate your optimal health. The personalized medicine that Naturopathic Medicine has to offer is second to none.

What does the training include for an N.D.?

The journey to become an N.D. is just like an M.D. where you complete your undergraduate degree and pre-med requirements before applying to medical school. After being accepted to a nationally accredited Naturopathic Medical school, you complete 4 to 6 years of training.  This training ranges from anatomy and physiology, biochemistry and neuroscience to botanical medicine, physical medicine, counseling, pharmacology, vitamin/supplement/diet therapies and much more. Also like an M.D., a national board exam must be passed in order to obtain your state license.