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Naturopathic Medicine

What is Naturopathic Medicine and a Naturopathic Physician? Naturopathic Medicine is the medicine of the past, present and future. It focuses on the prevention of disease, while treating the whole person through a variety of treatment modalities that help to


Women’s Health We treat hormonal imbalances, annual blood-work and exams, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, menstrual disorders and menopause with realistic dietary and lifestyle modifications to start. Dr. Steph has experience discussing birth control options, bioidentical hormones and fertility challenges.

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We’re glad to have the opportunity to assist you with all your health needs. While Dr. Sinclair is contracted with many insurance companies, each plan is different. Please check with your insurance provider to see if our services are covered

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The Every Day Basics–HYDRATION!
If I were to tell you one basic thing to help you feel better and be healthier, it would be to increase your water intake! I know it seems simple and yet for many of my patients, it is often the hardest thing to get into the habit of doing. Let's face...
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“Dr. Steph is very personable, easy to talk to and knowledgeable. I loved that she was comfortable enough to say when she wasn’t sure about something and took the time to look it up, I really appreciated that.” “She is absolutely...

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